Shoes Fit For A Goddess – The World At Her Feet!

Here at Zamora, we believe that women should feel empowered, confident and absolutely wonderful all the time! One woman that epitomises this is Perth’s Tracey Jewel. She’s a successful author, public speaker, savvy businesses woman, is featured in countless magazines and has also been interviewed by Oprah herself. She’s a bad-ass advocate for speaking up and being your true self.  We sat down with Tracey to pick her brain about how to conquer yourself, her favourite shoes, and of course to talk about her new book – Don’t Mess with the Goddess.

Feeling like a true goddess

True goddesses always make sure they are feeling on top of the world by feeding their inner soul with activities they love and doing things to look after themselves. Tracey encourages women to take time out for themselves and focus on self-care, “Every girl knows what it takes to make themselves happy – but we don’t actually do it half the time. Why don’t we actually do what makes us happy, it’s crazy!” says Jewel.

So what does Tracey Jewel do to make herself feel like a goddess?

“Hanging back and chilling at home makes me feel like a goddess actually. Being so busy, juggling Grace (her daughter), working on my marketing business, doing workshops and organising a book launch – when I’m just at home chilling out, reading books or catching up with girlfriends, that’s what makes me feel like a goddess”.

Goddess shoes

We asked Tracey what her favourite type of shoe is, and pumps seem to be the best bet when you’re a busy woman, “I love pumps, both heels and flats. You can dress them up and down. I can do sparkly for night time and basic leather for day time. Being a mum, I can’t run around like Sarah Jessica Parker all day long in heels, it’s just not going to happen and it’s not realistic”, she laughs.

And her favourite shoe right now? That’s the Maloa from Zamora Shoes! Jewel has also had a sneak peak of our winter collection, and spied a gorgeous mustard, khaki and black suede leather ankle boot which she loves also, so watch out for that one ladies!

lady3Left – Maloa Gold, Right – Maloa Silver

Tracey says she owns about 70 pairs of shoes, and used to own a lot more (like many of us we presume)! So she doesn’t let old shoes go to waste either, “Every year I do a wardrobe cull and donate the shoes I don’t wear to the Pat Giles Centre for victims of domestic violence. They especially need work shoes for women to be able to get back into the work force and go for job interviews”, she says.

And a goddess book

So what is Tracey’s book all about?

“Don’t Mess with the Goddess is about standing up for yourself and communicating who are with the world. We all know who we are but we don’t communicate that half the time to people. I hear from my readers all the time about them not getting what they want – it’s time to get the message out!” says Jewel.

Win a wardrobe of shoes fit for every occasion with Zamora

Zamora Shoes is excited to be a part of the Don’t Mess with the Goddess competition which includes a full make over, goddess photo shoot, designer wardrobe, beauty products, treatments and a 3-day retreat. Zamora is giving away shoes to take you from day to night and in between as part of the ultimate goddess giveaway! All you need to do to get your hands on (or slip your feet into!) this amazing prize is:

1.    Head to
2.    Upload a selfie with your Don’t Mess With the Goddess book

Check it out now ladies! And don’t forget to visit the Zamora Shoes website for more of our gorgeous winter collection this season.


Tracy Jewel wearing the Maloa Silver

Love ZS xox

Would You Buy ‘Bio-fabricated’ Leather Shoes?

In this age of ever advancing technology it seems there is just about nothing we can’t do. Increasingly, there are amazing new developments and innovations that change the way we live, the way we think, the way we work and the way we shop! Not only that, they are able to cater to our increasingly conscious lifestyle preferences. One such technological advancement in the fashion industry is ‘bio-fabricated’ leather; that is ‘real’ leather that has not resulted from the death of an animal. Sound too good to be true? Read on dear shoe lovers!

What is bio-fabricated leather?

So, we know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot of ambiguous quotation marks, bio-fabricated what? Bio-fabricated leather is the test tube baby of leather products; you take the cells and you breed them in a laboratory. This involves taking a simple biopsy from the animal, meaning the cow or sheep or even crocodile can continue living a wonderful life, whilst back in the lab, a scientist isolates the skin cells from the biopsy, multiplies them and coaxes them into producing the collagen they need to spread and develop into layers of bio-fabricated animal skin ready for the creation of leather goods. Of course this also means that with the technology to isolate certain cells within that laboratory, the leather can also be cultivated to a higher quality, with all the preferred properties including smoothness, colour, texture, durability and more.


(image from:

How does this help the environment?

Worldwide, it takes a herd of 60 billion animals to continually maintain our world’s need for meat, dairy, eggs and leather products like our fabulous designer shoes and handbags. If we continue along the same vein, as our population increases, this herd will need too also.

This extreme quantity of farmed animals obviously takes an incredible toll on the land, fresh water sources and other resources. And when large quantities of animals exist in close proximity, there’s always risk of diseases breeding, which is of great concern for the produce industry in particular.

The bio-fabrication process, only involving a biopsy, means more cows get to live instead of being bred for their skin which makes it a much more humane process of creating quality designer shoes and leather goods. Quality items without the guilt complex.

If we employ a bio-fabrication process for our leather goods, we can dramatically reduce both the impact on the land and the risk of disease. Plus it’s a more humane approach to filling a human need.


(image from:

At Zamora Shoes, we’re very interested to better understand the needs of our conscious-living clients, so we’d love to know: would you buy bio-fabricated leather shoes? Do you think bio-fabrication is the way of the future or simply a techno fad? Like all new technologies, the early implementation phase may acquire a higher cost for finished items; would you pay a premium for bio-fabricated unique designer shoes?

For more information about Bio-Fabrication visit

Love ZS xox

Top 5 Winter Shoe Trends for 2016

As the heat dissipates we begin to cast our minds towards thoughts of boots, pumps and oversized coats, hats and scarves and glorious wool. So what are the hottest (or should we say coolest) shoe trends you simply must have in your 2016 winter wardrobe?

1. Chunky, sculpted and low heels     

It’s out with the stiletto, in with the sturdy and striking. There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of chunky heels this winter, Givenchy, Dior, Chanel and many more designers have adopted this trend for their winter wear. But you’ll also see the heels appear as the jewel in the crown with an array of unique designer shoes Australian shoppers can look forward to, such as those by Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli. Simple shoe styles with intricate heels will be at the top of this year’s winter fashion list.  There’s also a shift towards lower heels this winter adding a ‘conservative’ or ladylike air to the collection.
Salvatore-FerragamoChunky heel by Salvatore Ferragamo Fall Winter 2015-2016


2. Lace and buckles


Laces are officially back and better than ever. This trend (literally) extends to boots, heels and flats with everyone’s legs looking to be tied up this winter adding ever increasing attention to delicate, stocking adorned ankles. Delicate foot and ankle straps with sweet buckles are also in, featuring heavily in the latest winter collections of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and…. adding to the ladylike collection something from yesteryear.
White lace boots by Altuzarra Fall Winter 2015-2016


3. Cowboy styles

From full boots to a decorative fringe its country meets urban chic this winter with cowboy styles dominating fashions on the field. Of course, boots are always a necessity in winter time, but this year, cowboy elements are showing up on more than just boots, with tassels, fringe, suede, beautiful brown leather aplenty.
Ankle fringe boots by Burberry Fall-Winter 2015-2016


4. Retro styles

Velvet and suede and kitten heels oh my! Retro is certainly in the shoe department this winter. Varying degrees and spanning several eras. Inspiration from the 1930s with low, ladylike heels, the 1960s with ankle straps delicately buckled atop a sorbet selection of thick heeled, platform inspired shoes, all the way back to the Victorian era with oversized, ornate buckles and burgundy velvet styles. Let these classic unique designer shoes take pride of place this winter.
Loafers by Miu Miu and Bally


5. The sporty look

If you love a bit of comfort in your life as well as staying right on trend, then the sporty shoe look is perfect for you! This trend has been present for a few seasons now, popping up in the form of flats or heels across different high-end designers. Think glamour sneakers, metallic embellishments, in-built height and contrasting colours. Check out our current Keely sporty lace-up sneakers to complete your look.
Keely Kudu1


So if you’re looking for a truly stunning selection for your winter shoe collection this year, you’ll be hot to trot in these five top styles. View our winter shoe collection and find yourself a beautiful pair of unique designer shoes today.


Love ZS xox

Trends to Watch for Summer 2016-17

The Spring/Summer 2016 shows might have ended but that doesn’t mean shoe lovers everywhere haven’t already started compiling their wish lists. What better place to start than with our gallery of the hottest shoe trends to look out for next summer? Where no heel is too high and no details too decadent. Fashionistas everywhere are guaranteed to fall in love over and over again with the mesmerising Spring/Summer 2016-2017 shoe trends and their shoe closets be damned, we will be adding to them. Maybe some might give away some of the older and less practical ones to those in need. Shoe divas certainly won’t regret spending their savings on some of these incredible pieces forecasted for next summer though!

1. Casual Sneakers

Possibly the most common look on the runway for the spring and summer is the pair of laced up sneakers that are casual but can certainly be dressed up.


Photos courtesy of

2. The Creeper Platform

Platforms aside, there is a different type of lower heel that follows the same principles, known as the flatform. Now, combine that with some Grecian sandals and you have a bit of elevation to the otherwise very flat looks, a summer favorite that will be coming back for 2016.


Photos courtesy of

3. Pointy-toe heels

For those with narrow feet and a love for stilettos, this trend is mighty lovely! It’s the sexy look that is made all the sexier with a slingback appeal.


Photos courtesy of

4. Those rather flat flats

Along with the casual sneakers, the Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends bring a bunch of flat looks for fans of comport and femininity combined.


Photos courtesy of

5. Leather shoes

Leather is not as big as it was for 2015, but it is still around and baking in slowly fading glory. This goes for the Spring/Summer 2016 shoes as well since we see leather appear on everything from flats to slingback heels.


Photos courtesy of

6. Eyelet cutouts

This is an interesting shoe trend for spring 2016 that has to do with seeing skin, where least expected comes in this time around as a mediocre trend to complement the cutouts seen on the clothing and swimwear.


Photos courtesy of

7. Lucite heels

Lucite is an interesting trend and one we can definitely take a liking to, particularly in its sandal stage. It’s pretty and clear at the heels thus, while straps wrap around the feet like vines.


Photos courtesy of

8. Laced-up sandals

Laces are an awesome thing on a shoe even if they need to be of a supple material to keep from digging into your skin and causing you pain in the name of fashion.


Photos courtesy of

9. Gingham or Plaid Prints

Plaid is one of the biggest Spring/Summer 2016 print trends, so it only makes sense that it will appear on the sandals we see adorning the feet as well.


Photos courtesy of

10. Slingback Designs

Can we say that this is one of the biggest Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends seen on the runway? No matter the type of heel, such as stiletto at Givenchy or chunky at Michael Kors, it appears that we cannot rid ourselves of this particular look, making the slingback sandal especially all the more covetable.


Photos courtesy of

11. Sculptural Heels

This happens every year as some designers take to really embellishing their footwear and come up with increasingly intriguing heel designs. This includes the golden molten lava that has been crystallized as a pretty sculpture or the snakes climbing up the thicker heels of the mules.


Photos courtesy of

12. Suede Shoes

Suede is a lovable material, especially on footwear; it is also an ode to the ‘70s we haven’t quite lipped out of yet. We see it appear on sandals and mules and everything in between, the former portrayed in bright orange fringe lace-up heels at Marissa Webb and the latter in multiple colors, such as buttercup yellow and bubblegum pink at Mansur Gavriel.


Photos courtesy of

13. Classic Mules

Mules seem to be appearing for a second year in a row again and we cannot say we don’t love them, but they can get rather uncomfortable to wear since the heavy heels lead to some very awkward slips off the feet. Otherwise, they are incredibly awesome slip-on designs that we cannot help but fall in love with.


Photos courtesy of

14. All types of slides

Mules are not the only slide-in footwear out there either and it appears that there was quite a variation of this trend appearing for the Spring and Summer 2016 Fashion Weeks. It included the black and red block heeled pieces and some beach looks appearing in Jamaican colors on rainbow slides.


Photos courtesy of

15. Gladiators in the modern era

Open toes, stiletto heels and not so laced up gladiator sandals reaching up to the knees can be found on the list of the hottest Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends, including the black and orange looks that could make a man melt with lust.


Photos courtesy of

16. Heavy footwear

The hot and heavy look is sizzling on the runway and everyone seems to want a taste of the chunkier designs that are not so flattering as some of the other Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends, but are certainly a lot more durable and without the danger of losing a leg.


Photos courtesy of

17. Shoes with studs and buckles

The sexiest or the oldest of the Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends spotted on the runways seem to be boasting studs and buckles that really get to us.


Photos courtesy of

18. Loads of Silver

We see a whole lot of silver appearing everywhere, from the clothing to the accessories and particularly the Spring/Summer 2016 shoes.


Photos courtesy of

19. Kitten heels

While there are many sky high heels on the runways, it is the kittens that grab our attention, especially the more futuristic designs as seen in silver on Prada.


Photos courtesy of

20. Block Heels

The square heeled look appears all over the place, on all types of spring 2016 shoes, from the booties to the sandals, the ankle strapped to the slides, the glittering and the rather plain color blocks.


Photos courtesy of

21. Revamped peep toes

Even if you decide to wear bootie styles, you can look amazing with peep toes showing off those fresh pedicures.


Photos courtesy of

Head on over to to check out our range.

Love ZS xox


5 Mani-Pedi Must-Knows in 2016

We all love that fresh nail feeling. Looking down at our perfectly polished fingers around a warm coffee mug, gleaming in the sunlight wonderfully. However, there is nothing worse than a perfectly polished babe with her manicured hands on fleek, only to look down and see a disaster zone on her feet! Don’t get caught out. Matching mani-pedi’s are in so get those toenails under control with our 5 essential pedicure tips in 2016.

Try the New Stuff

2015 was all about Shellac, and we have a feeling 2016 will see a rise in SNS (Signature Nail Systems). This is a relatively new nail technique that doesn’t need a UV light and avoids ruining your nails. You’re nail technician will brush on a gel and then dip your nails in powder. It looks natural, makes your nails super hard, and is quick and easy to apply – what’s not to love? It can be difficult for some nail technicians to apply this to toes, however do try it on your hands and enquire about SNS pedicures.

Back to Matte Black by Proenza Schouler
Back to Matte Black by Proenza Schouler

2016 Nail Trends

This year watch out for metallic finishes, sparkles, pastels and twists on the French manicure. We’ll see some coloured French tips popping up, bordered nails, matte finishes and crazy creative artworks on nails. Go wild!

Red Tape by Veronica Beard
Red Tape by Veronica Beard

Make it Match

It’ll be all about matching this year. Match your manicure to your pedicure and then match this to your lipstick and your outfit. It’s all about looking fantastically groomed and classy.

Make an Impression

It’s vital to look after your pedicure as much as your manicure and it can make the world of difference if you’re trying to make a good impression. We meet new people every day, and whether we like it or not we are often judged by the way we dress and groom ourselves. Clean, neat, and polished nails on hands and feet reflect someone that cares about their personal hygiene and grooming.

Haute Hippie by Rebecca Minkoff
Haute Hippie by Rebecca Minkoff

It’s Healthy

Let’s face it, if you keep your feet well-groomed and clipped you’re going to decrease your chances of infections and detect any problems early on. You’ll also likely get your feet moisturised and exfoliated during a pedicure so you’ll be doing your feet a favour. Make them look their absolute best and prevent cracked heels and corns. It also helps that pedicures often include a massage which can promote circulation and relax the body. Pedicures are certainly good for you!

Make sure you get a pedicure at least once per month to ensure your feet stay in tip top shape. They usually last a couple of weeks longer than a manicure too so you don’t have to go out of your way too often. Your feet take a lot of stress and wear-and-tear, treat them to a pedicure regularly and experience the benefits now. And to complement that perfect pedicure don’t forget some Zamora Shoes!

Yours in stilettos,

Natasha Zamora xox
Director Zamora Shoes

The Best Ways to Accessorise This Summer

It’s all about accessories to finish off that perfect outfit this summer. Whether it’s a stunning pair of sunglasses, a complimentary handbag, or a standout pair of shoes, the right accessories can turn your outfit from drab to fab in a few strategic moves. Accessories can turn your ensemble down a notch for day time, or make you look right on point for that party. There are just so many things you can try! Here is how you can nail it every time.

Why you should try accessories

Accessorising is a fun and practical way to update your wardrobe and bring older pieces into the new season. Not only does it make sense, but the right accessories can also show off your personal style and reflect your mood that day or evening. They can really complement your clothes and bring out your personality. So grab your notebook because here are the latest accessories for summer, hot off the New York Fashion Week runway – and we’ll reveal how you should wear them.


Hand and foot jewellery is in, with stacked rings and delicate chains adorning bodies. Long necklaces are set to be especially popular, just like this example below by Givenchy featured at New York Fashion Week. Also try temporary metallic tattoos as a twist on jewellery for that sexy beach-babe look.

Necklace by Givenchy


Sunglasses are a must for the Australian summer to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them. This year look out for beautiful vintage styles in pastels, just like these Rochas sunglasses featured in Harpers Bazaar. The eye-catching mirrored aviators from Ray-Ban in colorful shades such as blue, pink, gold or green are a must-have for summer festivals.

Sunglasses by Rochas
Sunglasses by Rayban


Hats are also an important summer staple, and they also happen to look super cute! Try wide-brims and welcome bucket-style hats for a new twist this summer.


Simple, sophisticated and crisp white is the way to go for summer. Straight off the New York Spring Summer 2016 runway, this Proenza Schouler chained bag is red-hot!

Handbag by Proenza Schouler


Chunky heels, metallics, lace-ups and espadrilles are all the rage. You’ll also be glad to hear that the gladiator style of shoe is still going strong. These “Lepa Gold” Zamora Shoes by Errol Arendz are the perfect all-rounder for running around during summer days.

Lepa Gold by Errol Arendz

The Right Way to Wear Accessories

Your finishing touches for summer should all fit together perfectly, complement each other and your outfit. In order to ensure you’re on point, follow these simple tips:

1. Balance your accessories – If one stands out, don’t over-do the others. One bold piece is enough.

2. Three is the magic number – Three pieces is enough for any outfit, unless you’re stacking rings or bracelets of course. If you’re in doubt, simply take the advice of Coco Chanel and take off the last thing you put on before leaving the house.

3. Investments – Accessories are a great way to express your individuality, so buy what you love and wear it proudly!

Accessorising for summer can be so much fun and it’s a great way to express your personal style. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to accessorise then check out our Zamora Shoes website for shoes, clutches, and other cute accessories for summer. Our collection is sure to complement your outfit choices this season and beyond!

Yours in stilettos,

Natasha Zamora xox
Director Zamora Shoes

Smart Shoe Tips to Survive the Parties this Silly Season

The Christmas and party season is upon us and we bet you have social and work engagements booked back to back by now! It’s a time for catching up with friends, seeing relatives, attending work functions and dressing up for plenty of balls and long parties. Here are Zamora’s best tips for making sure your feet survive the season, and some amazing styles that will save you!

There is nothing worse than enduring a long event and thinking about nothing else but how much your feet are killing you whilst eyeing off the nearest seat. Instead of tormenting your feet, you can keep sashaying across the dance floor or chatting at the cocktail party with a few easy tips:

1. Check the materials – Soft materials, leather, leather lining will ensure they have a little give and don’t rub your feet. It’s all about supporting, not restricting.

2. It’ll get hot – Strappy shoes and open toe sandal pumps/wedges are perfect for parties and Christmas as it will no doubt get hot, especially if you’re dancing.

3. Breaking into your newbies – Make sure you wear your new shoes to an event that lasts a couple of hours and once they have softened then you can take them out all day and/or night.

4. Trifecta of comfort – Choose shoes with a lower heel, chunky heel, or platform. Any or all of these will distribute weight and cushion soles.

5. The weight of it – Light shoes require less effort to walk in, it’s that simple. Check the materials of the shoes in question to ensure they are easy on the feet.

6. Rotate – Don’t wear the same pair of shoes to each event or party. Doing so means the same areas come under pressure each time. Switch it up with a few favourites so your feet get a break.

7. Buy the right size – Sometimes your shoes are simply too small or too loose. Either one will cause rubbing or redness so ensure you buy the right size!

Here are some styles that will save your feet this party season:

The Ayu Pewter by Errol Arendz

Leather lining, straps, adjustable closures and a low heel ensure that these babies are comfortable to the max with no rubbing! The beautiful metallic pewter colour means they will match just about any outfit and are the perfect complement for a red carpet event, ball, or formal look. You’re sure to be dancing the night away until sunrise in style and comfort!

Ayu Pewter Ayu Pewter by Errol Arendz

Leather sandals by Gucci

These stunning red and pink leather sandals by Gucci are a great statement shoe in the perfect Christmas colour! They are the epitome of comfort with elastic back detail, straps, and a lower 110cm heel for those long nights of dancing (or standing) ahead. Your feet will thank you later.

gucciLeather sandals by Gucci

Indah by Errol Arendz

Animal printed satin with leather lining and an amazing 12.5inch stiletto – these are sure to stand out in any crowd! The Indah also have a 2cm platform so you get the height without being uncomfortable. These are perfect for day or night time parties and animal print is always in fashion so don’t be afraid to unleash your wild side this party season.

indah2Indah by Errol Arendz

Laurita by Jimmy Choo

These stunning Jimmy Choo sandals check all the right boxes with an adjustable ankle strap, platform, and open toe. The gold colour is also ideal for Christmas and formal parties to see you through the season and more. The Laurita also has a vintage feel that can take you through years of dancing seasons, and they are perfect for long events lasting until sunrise!

_11477803Laurita by Jimmy Choo

You’ll be able to ditch the dodgy vending machine ballet flats, band aids, blister packs, and gel cushions clogging up your hand bag this year. Enjoy the party season, blister-free, with the perfect pair of party heels for the Christmas season now! Check out the Zamora Shoes website for more amazing party styles – all of our party shoes check the right boxes!

Yours in stilettos,

Natasha Zamora xox
Director Zamora Shoes

5 Insta tips – Selfie is Out!

I was just scrolling through my emails giving it a clean up and binning anything that was not important anymore and trying to go through emails I left without opening. Suddenly I came across a very interesting read of one of my fave blogs from WGSN and I had to really share this one with you. Mainly because I was ecstatic and overjoyed to read that the much obsessed “Selfie” is OUT! Now how cool is that? Honestly, how can people really care if  Kim Kardashian has cravings for cheetos.

Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom, Insta head of fashion partnerships Eva Chen and Dazed founder Jefferson Hack joined forces for a Q&A and came up with the following 5 main pointers to be cool on Insta:

1. So long Selfie – It is very uncool to turn the camera on you according to Hack. Creepy! It’s about time someone says it out loud.


2. Turning the Camera on Others – If you want to be a cool cat then behind the scenes and capturing authentic moments is the way to go now.



3. Slow- mo – Videos in slow motion is definitely “in” especially with fashion. You can really appreciate the details on the garments. I can see this working wonderfully with shoes too. However, this slow- mo of a pug licking its face is pretty hilarious.



4. Organise things neatly – Showing products neatly is an excellent idea to gain interest on insta. This can assist followers on ideas to mix and match outfits with accessories. Also organising products in suitcases and purses would be a winner.



5. Meta formats – Repetition with a “rhythm” within a square with the Instagram Layout app are the next big according to Systrom. I haven’t used this myself but if the co-founder of Insta says it then I’m on to it.



At the end of the day share what you are most passionate about. By being genuine and doing things with love, the people that love what you love will follow. Isn’t that why we want to connect with others?

Head on over to our Insta @ZamoraShoes and let us know what you love and what you don’t cause you’re feedback is always important to us.

Yours in stilettos,

Natasha Zamora xox
Director Zamora Shoes

Milan and Paris Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Week Part II – Milan and Paris Spring 2016.

Milan Fashion Week 2016:

Milan is upping its game this season and Spring/Summer 2016 runway was filled with an abundance of rich, decorative prints and an inspiring variation on trends from the designers, who were not always following the norm.  Take Prada for instance who went out on a limb and gave us a  bit of everything – a mash-up of 70s wallpapers to mid-century modern – it all came together in the usual sophisticated Prada way. Gucci also went for a mixing pot of ideas from oriental to expensive vintage with just the right amount of frills and decoration. Georgio Armani’s latest collection  makes a star out of red, but the blues and greys mitigate its fiery effect with a refinement and elegance that have come to expect from the seasoned designer. Gucci designer, Michelle Alessandro’s collection are for the feisty, kooky and independent woman who dresses to please herself. Donatella Versace manages to turn out an ultra-sexy collection that feels fresh while Veronica Etro continued to cater to the gypset with her collection of earthy and bohemian prairie dresses. Dolce and Gabbana was all about their love for Italy. Models, who seemed to be playing tourists, held shopping bags and snapped selfies, and many wore dresses featuring postcard prints.

pic1_3Photos courtesy of and

Feathers are proving to be one of spring’s hottest embellishments on shoes, whether one likes it or not. Alessandro Dell’acqua added various feathers to his sandal styles, which came in both mule and flat versions in embossed snakeskin. Missoni high-top sneakers were paired with the label’s equally punchy signature prints. Salvatore Ferragamo offered pointy-toe flats in a range of colours while Bottega Veneta’s throw-on-and-go ensembles were paired with an assortment of flats and sandals.

Photos courtesy of and

Paris Fashion Week 2016:

From exposed breasts to Japanese origami to the ration-era Forties, Paris Fashion Week had it all. Chanel is less a fashion show and more a branding spectacle. There were beautiful clothes but the message here was so much bigger than that of which skirt length will be key next season (mid-calf and kick-flared, as it happens). Hermes offered up yet more versions of the brand’s essentials: scarf dresses, supple leathers, and blanket plaids. There were long bias-cut screen-siren gowns in black and silver, delicate stiletto sandals, and wellies. Patterns were also standout — like in a series of looks that channeled a sort of electrified hounds-tooth with bright blue and black pixilation. A foxy belted, shiny coat showing décolleté and worn with nothing else underneath was the opening statement at Nina Ricci while Celine wowed guests by putting surreal, contemporary twists on designs from the ration-era Forties. Saint Laurent’s spring-summer collection was the Nineties: grunge, mud, warts and all.

pic1_4Photos courtesy of and

And while clog codes have been apparent throughout the spring ’16 collection, what was thoughtful and new here was the embellishment details on wooden soles. The aardvark rounded boots of Alexander McQueen’s final collection were brilliantly reinterpreted, this time as a kicky slingback clog. They came in multiple iterations — from denim to eggshell leather. Ultra, outré femininity continues to be re-examined and reimagined at Dior. Block-heel mules had more of a soft gamine insolence than a serrated edge. Shocking pink wedges opened the show with a jolt at Dries Van Noten while Anthony Vaccarello’s full-exposure heels came in his preferred black on black with flashes of mixed metallics and acrylic paneling.

pic1_2Photos courtesy of and

Yours in stilettos,

Natasha Zamora xox
Director Zamora Shoes

NYC and London Fashion Week 2015

We have finally put together a run through of Fashion Week in NYC, London, Milan and Paris. Here is Part I of Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week 2016:

The 2015 New York Fashion Week was all about romantic escapism. There was poetry in motion, merry imagination and then there was Oscar de la Renta creating a collection about tranquility, transparency and illusion that evokes sensuality. Calvin Klein reignited the silver screen glamour with satin slip dresses while Marc Jacobs based his collection on the golden age of Hollywood.  Proenza Schouler’s fruity theme manifested itself in cold-shoulder tops, cut-away dress detailing and flyway ribbons while Michael Kors’ collection was a testament to his sunny brand of optimistic fashion: slinky, sultry poet blouses, undulating chiffon dresses and sheer lace gowns. Ralph Lauren opted for the elegance of the French Riviera but Carolina Herrera’s range is the icing on the cake. Her designs are seductive and sensual, but always leave something for the imagination. Fashion is, after all, about fantasy.

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The footwear, on the other hand, is anything but basic. The season’s best shoe moments range from Victorian-inspired heels to sporty, platform pool slides. Marc Jacobs’ star-spangled shoes were done in point, lace-up silhouettes while Alexander Wang celebrated their 10th anniversary with a look forward, not back, featuring chunky sandals with hard-edged, experimental extras. Oscar dela Renta responded with a spirited bevy of exquisite embellished espadrilles and tango-ready pumps. Calvin Klein’s signature sporty, minimal aesthetic was reworked and sneakers were done in satin with frayed edging. Marchesa offered an assortment of decorative stilettos and booties while Ralph Lauren showed chic cork slides with serious lift. Though the styles were vast and definitely varied, the season was all about unifying the same message: new takes on classic styles.

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London Fashion Week 2016:

Want to know what you’ll be wearing next spring? Fresh from London Fashion week, we have the lowdown on the trends we’ll all be embracing in 2016.

“Prairie madness”, that unique condition of acute agoraphobia suffered by turn-of-century American homesteaders, haunted the Erdem Collection. Erdem Moralioglu had become possessed by the pioneer era and those lonely women who endured five-year single occupancies in order to stake their claim on the unwelcoming landscape of the West. The collection was a breathtaking intertwining of the old and new world cultures: the models dragged long, multi-tiered gowns.

Julien Macdonald on the other hand floored us with his dazzling Spring/Summer collection. Alongside cocktail dresses that had us swooning, Macdonald debuted his first ever men’s collection and we’re glad to say he treated the boys to just as much glamour as the girls.

The Burberry collection is all about contrast – a mix of elegant with street cool. There were lots of opulent black and gold English lace, wispy sheer outfits and silk slip dresses dressed down with sporty flat sandals.


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When it comes to footwear, London didn’t disappoint. A handful of designers offered up some crazy footwear – from futuristic thigh-high boots to feathered mules resembling a wild animal. House of Holland led the outlandish show brigade with its feather-embellished footwear.  Also, Sophia Webster, who is quickly becoming the queen of quirk, was inspired by a psychedelic sea theme. The result? Strappy sandals embellished with fake sea plants and shells, as well as glitter-sole platforms. Her creative whims also included a fishnet over-the-knee boots – a very clever way to merge legwear and footwear.

Elsewhere, Peter Pilotto is all about shapes. Slides and heeled sandals had various stripes of coloured leather combined for a futuristic, industrial look – something Star Wars’ R2-D2 would wear if she were a fashion-savvy droid.

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